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Vancouver Churchill

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About Us

Vancouver Churchill College is a highly reputable institution established in 1997. The  College is Certified by the Private Training Institutions Branch ( PTIB)


We have helped hundreds of  students pass a  wide range of language exams and advance their English  proficiency.  


Our instructors have been carefully selected; each has extensive teaching experience and academic qualifications. We offer online and in-person classes.  

College Graduate

We are committed to offering a diverse and creative curriculum with the goal of providing students with high-quality programs that meet their language achievement needs and personal improvement through expansive knowledge and creative efforts while offering more valuable talent to society.

Our Mission

Language Prep

Our college has a complete English training program for students who are struggling with their English language skills, with individual programs of study depending on their level, so that they can improve their English for academic and life purposes.

Academic  Services

As many students feel overwhelmed by the after-school and university workload, we provide professional tutoring services and after-school coaching to help students enhance their academic performance.

Student Consultation

School life is fraught with difficulties and challenges, and our professional consultants will provide appropriate counseling and guidance to students for various problems and struggles.

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